Ipsos Shenzhen Office Set up

June 8, 2017, Ipsos Shenzhen Office was set up!


Ipsos Shenzhen Office held an inauguration ceremony at 9:28 am. The opening party was launched at 5 pm, during which Mr. Lifeng Liu, Chairman and CEO of Ipsos China and Mr. Kelvin Chen, head of the Shenzhen Office, delivered a speech and exchanged with the audience in pleasant atmosphere.


Lifeng stated: Over the past ten years, Ipsos has provided services to more and more Chinese enterprises that accounted for an increasingly high share in the business. Among these enterprises, many are renowned ones from Shenzhen. To better serve domestic customers and help Chinese brands go global, Ipsos set up its Shenzhen Office.


Kelvin Chen, head of Shenzhen Office, briefed the participants on the business segments and important products of Ipsos in Shenzhen. In Shenzhen, Ipsos will focus on providing services to five sectors: technology, pan-entertainment, big health, new finance, and new retail. In addition to previous services, Ipsos will focus on promoting customer experience research (ExLab) and customer voice management platform (EFM). At the same time, based on existing big data products, it provides customers with business district scanning, big data survey platform, Internet advertising monitoring, e-commerce decision-making platform and other services.


Then, Senior Research Director, Brand and Media Research expert Mr. Tonnies Feng announced the opening of the party. All the guests and media on site toasted Ipsos and celebrated Shenzhen Office to embark on a new journey.


Despite the extensive market in Shenzhen, and the numerous well-known and emerging enterprises, there are few internationally specialized research institutions. For those emerging and fast-growing enterprises, how to accurately grasp the trend of the market and understand the consumer psychology has become a required course for them to cope with the enormous competitive pressure.


Entering Shenzhen, Ipsos will help these companies collect information, get insight into market potential, predict market trends, understand consumers, enhance their user experience, and build a healthy brand image. We will carry forward our innovative spirit, give full play to our expertise in our sincere service to and progress with our customers!