Jingping Zheng and Zhicai Ye from National Bureau of Statistics and Industry Association Visited Ipsos

On the morning of June 21, Jingping Zheng, Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Statistics and President of Chinese Association of Market Information and Research, and Zhicai Ye, President of China Statistics Press, Vice President and Secretary General of Industry Association, visited Ipsos. Chairman and CEO of Ipsos China Lifeng Liu, Vice President Wenhua Wang, and head of Data Collection Division Junping Lu received the leaders and exchanged views with them.


President Jingping Zheng congratulated Ipsos on growing up into one of China’s largest research companies in just 15 years, and wished Ipsos even greater achievements in finance, IT, healthcare, FMCG, automotive, real estate, pan-entertainment, etc. Zheng pointed out that China’s social development and economic operation posed high demand for market research companies, and that as China was also vigorously promoting the application of data, there were considerable opportunities for the
development of research companies. Then Mr. Zheng expressed his hope for Ipsos and all other market research companies to adhere to national policies when seeking
for their own growth, to make social development and political stability as an important guiding principle, and to maintain a sound brand image. All these companies should closely follow the trend of big data, seek positive and healthy development, and help more Chinese enterprises to tell good stories, be at home or abroad.


At the seminar, Mr. Ye said that through the visit and exchanges, he learned about the development and operation of member enterprises, and was excited to see the passion and confidence in this sector. He was convinced that market research could be applied to more and more Chinese enterprises to boost their development.


At the meeting, Lifeng also suggested that Chinese Association of Market Information and Research could be the bridge between market research companies and more
enterprises, encourage the adoption of market research, especially by those going global, in decision making, and enable greater role of market research in national economy and the “One Belt and One Road”.


The seminar focused on industry development and the discussion went on in a harmonious atmosphere. Laicheng Zhang from Secretariat of Chinese Association of Market Information and Research, and Lu Peng, Ipsos Marketing Director also attended the seminar.


Last but not least, Lifeng said that under the leadership of industry associations, Ipsos would continue to work hard, support the work of industry associations, carry on its
effort of innovation, and optimize its insight and decisionmaking advisory services to more and more Chinese and foreign enterprises.