Ipsos and Rehau-Blum Working Together to Carry out Survey among China's Middle Class and Explore the Development Trend of Household Consumption Concept

On June 1, 2017, Blum together with Rehau commissioned Ipsos to launch the China Dream Home 2025 Middle Class Survey. Mr. Alick Zhou, President of Ipsos China, and Mr. Duncan Fan, Research Director, attended the signing ceremony and gave a detailed presentation on how to carry out the Survey.


As the position in the world economic system continues to rise, China has become an important market in the global sales strategy. At the same time, China's market potential is huge and distinctive. The rapid development of the Internet has given rise to China's unique Internet economy. The new generation of consumers has increased access to information, and the importance of social media marketing has become increasingly prominent. With the maturing of the middle-class consumer groups, China's kitchen and furniture markets will shift from industrial product-driven to consumerdriven. This means that brands and furniture makers must accurately understand customers' needs and habits to keep pace with them.


Therefore, Blum as a world-famous kitchen and furniture fittings supplier together with Rehau, the world's leading innovative technology developer and manufacturer of
polymer products, commissioned Ipsos to carry out a survey among china's middle class and explore the development trend of household consumption concept.


This research will be focused on the "sustainable development". With a deep understanding of Chinese consumers in change, Rehau-Blum will publish data to scientific research institutions after completion of the research, and give back some value to the society and related fields.


The research content involves both macroscopic and microscopic aspects to investigate consumers' attitudes towards life and consumption, including consumers' view of social hot spots and the economy, lifestyle, family life, cooking and kitchen, etc.


The research, which began in June, continues for 12 months, aiming to better understand Chinese consumers and their living environment, and to create a friendly and safe environment for Chinese people to make their home life better and healthier, so that the sustainable home life concept will get a long-term development.