Study Abroad at A Young Age, Are You Ready? —— Vision Overseas and Ipsos Jointly Released China’s First Survey Report on Low-age Study in the U.S.

April 16, 2017, Beijing, Vision Overseas US Middle School Division ushered in its 10th anniversary in China National Conference Center. Ipsos was invited to the ceremony, during which the two jointly released China’s first special survey report on low-age study in the U.S.


In the celebration, Ipsos Research Director Ms. Yanli Jia made a presentation on the implementation of the project. The survey interviewed nearly 3,000 parents of students currently studying in the U.S., applying for study in U.S., and studying in primary school / junior high school / the first and second year of senior high school.


The report probed into the low-age study in the U.S. from such aspects as characteristics of the group, purpose and considerations to study overseas, and trends and changes in the application. It also did an extended analysis on the prospect of attending the undergraduate program, graduate program, work in and immigration to the U.S.

The survey showed that overseas study was getting more common among ordinary people and lower in age. Chinese families with the desire to study abroad start the international education programs for their children earlier than others.


For young students accustomed to the common management of parents and teachers in charge of classes, it is important whether they can live independently, be self-disciplined and socializing with others. For parents, it is key to keep pace with the growth of their children, understand and correctly guide their values on life.

There may be thousands of reasons for overseas study, but the suit will be the best. Whatever the purposes are, only those well-prepared ones will have their dream come true. Challenging as it is, study abroad requires a lot of careful planning and preparation. The survey is expected to deliver objective information and right opinions of study overseas to both students and their parents.